A CBWC Gap Year Experience

Kurios (koo’-re-os) is the Greek word for Lord, which means master and ruler.
This experience is all about “kurios-ity”: seeking Jesus together and pursuing Him as Lord of all.
BREAKING NEWS: A Reimagined KURIOS is ready to go for 2020/2021 - Click for Details
BREAKING NEWS: A Reimagined KURIOS is ready to go for 2020/2021 - Click for Details

KURIOS has adapted to the global realities of 2020/2021 by reimagining our experience so that we can fulfill our mission of encouraging young adults to make Jesus LORD (“Kurios”) of all.  While some of the experience will be different, the pursuit of loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving others as ourselves, remains unchanged.

The reimagined experience

In mid/late September participants will join together for 5 days of retreat (likely in Kananaskis country, near Banff), where we will focus on our core values of building relationships, Scripture, prayer, identity, and authenticity.  

The experience will continue as a weekly online small group through December.

In January we intend to travel to Costa Rica for 6-7 weeks, assuming it is safe and open to do so (see the Costa Rica page for details). 

We will spend 2 weeks afterwards back in Canada together for debrief, integration of our cross-cultural experience with our Canadian lives, and focus on core values of leadership, maturity, Scripture, prayer, and evangelism.


We are delighted to invite our current 20/21 applicants to experience KURIOS Reimagined.  If you have not already applied and are interested in being part of KURIOS Reimagined, you can complete the simple (free) online application and we will be in touch with you right away (spots are very limited and time is running out, so don't wait too long!).


Deposit - $250
Costa Rica - $4,500 
Total Cost - $4,750***

$4,500 will be eligible for a charitable donation receipt for Canadian tax purposes.

The remaining costs will be covered through ongoing KURIOS fundraising efforts.  Note: travel to and from KURIOS is not included in the above cost.

***final cost may vary minimally, dependent on the expense of flights and travel insurance

Remaining safe

We are fully committed to protecting our participants’ health and the health of vulnerable people in our communities.   As part of KURIOS Reimagined we will adhere to all federal and local health requirements.  For further details about how this will happen please contact our Director.

What's Next

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We want to hear from you about anything relating to Kurios.

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Once your online application is received, our staff will contact you to schedule a conversation about the next steps toward beginning your Kurios journey.

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Partner With Kurios

Kurios is currently recruiting a prayer team that will meet monthly (live over a computer connection), and spend dedicated time once per week to both listen and ask. If you are interested, fill in the Get in Touch form, and we will be in touch with you. Our first prayer request is for 24 participants in our Gap Year Program.

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