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A CBWC Gap Year Experience

Kurios (koo’-re-os) is the Greek word for Lord, which means master and ruler.
This experience is all about “kurios-ity”: seeking Jesus together and pursuing Him as Lord of all.
Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 experience! Plan Ahead, Apply Today!
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Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 experience! Plan Ahead, Apply Today!

How much does Kurios cost?

2022-2023 Participant fee - $15,500 ($18,000 - $2,500 bursary)

What the fee covers:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Course costs
  • BC/SK/MB Road Trips
  • 6 Weeks in Guatemala
  • Canadian Outdoor Adventure Trips
  • KURIOS Swag
  • ...Basically everything you'll need to thrive during KURIOS

What the fee does not cover:

  • Transportation costs associated with traveling to/from KURIOS at the beginning and end of each term
  • ~5-6 textbooks (applicants can choose inexpensive digital versions or physical copies; a list will be provided)
  • Non-essentials such as Guatemalan Souvenirs, etc.
Simple cost breakdown
   $500            - Deposit
   $4,750         - Guatemala*** (6 Weeks)
+ $13,000     - Canada (21 Weeks)
= $18,000     - Base Fee
- $2,500        - Friends of KURIOS Bursary

= $15,500     - Total (28 Weeks)

***The Guatemala portion is tax deductible and all participants will be eligible for a charitable donation receipt from our partner, Canadian Baptist Ministries.



Thanks to the generosity of individuals and organizations, KURIOS is able to offer a variety of bursaries to its participants. Below you will find information about each of the bursaries as well as the opportunity to apply for one or more of them.

Friends of KURIOS Bursary - Thanks to the generosity of many individuals and organizations, KURIOS is able to reduce the 2022-2023 fee for every participant by $2,500 (completed 'Bursary Application Form' below still required).  If you would like to contribute to the Friends of KURIOS Bursary fund you can do so here.  

Hopehill Bursary - Hopehill is an affordable housing community for maturing adults located in Vancouver, BC founded by the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.  Hopehill is committed to supporting KURIOS through on site training and service opportunities as well as by offering $2,500 bursaries to six participants each year through 2024.  

CBWC Women's Bursary - The CBWC Women’s Bursary (established as a legacy of Women in Focus) aims to encourage growing faith among young women in the CBWC family.  For 2022/23, there are a total of 8 Bursaries available, each being in the amount of $250.


There are 2 steps to be eligible to receive any/all of the above bursaries:

1) First: Complete the KURIOS Application Form

2) Then: Complete the KURIOS Bursary Application Form 




Kurios began in 2020 with a vision of young adults seeking Jesus together and pursuing Him as Lord of all.

Thanks to the support of our community, we have been successful in funding the start of this new ministry.   We are building a community who can pull together to raise today’s leaders now.

If you would like details about our finances, please contact our Director

All donations are eligible for a charitable donation tax receipt in Canada. Kurios is a ministry of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, the donate buttons below will re-direct you to the CBWC donation portal. 100% of donations to Kurios through this portal go to fund Kurios.


Two great donation options (click below)***: 


The Program Fund is used for general KURIOS expenses.

The Bursary Fund is distributed to participants to lower their fees. 

***You will be redirected to the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada donation portal

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Kurios is committed to prayer, and deeply appreciates our community of praying partners. If you are interested in learning how to specifically prayer for Kurios, fill in the Get in Touch form, and we will be in touch with you.

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