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A Christian Gap Year Experience

Kurios (koo’-re-os) is the Greek word for Lord, which means master and ruler.
This experience is all about “kurios-ity”: seeking Jesus together and pursuing Him as Lord of all.
Come to Jasper! Applications open for 2024-25 year! Apply Today!
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Come to Jasper! Applications open for 2024-25 year! Apply Today!

A Day at Kurios

Morning prayer

Each and every day begins with gathering to welcome Jesus into our midst, to thank God for the things in store for us, and to dedicate ourselves to serving our Kurios.



All our learning experiences will strive to be wholistic, experiential, and interactive. We will generally use our morning block to learn from experts, from writings, and from reflection on experiences. Topics will include:

  • Scripture - KURIOS Daily Bible Readings (.pdf, 142KB)
  • Prayer
  • Identity
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Ministry and giftedness
  • Leadership
  • Justice issues
  • Creation care

Participants who complete Kurios may be awarded entrance credit by select colleges.

See specific course descriptions here.



Afternoons will include space to work on our learning activities and assignments, our ministry skills and activities, and our acts of service to one another and others outside our community.

Kurios participants will actively seek to identify their spiritual gifts through experimentation.  We will create space and resources to assist participants as they pursue areas where they feel God has uniquely created them to be difference-makers in the lives of others.

As a community, we will share responsibility for the various “tasks of life”, such as preparing meals and cleaning the shared spaces we use.

Afternoons will also block out time for physical activity/exercise, with participants setting goals and choosing how they intend to develop habits for their physical health.



Living in community brings many opportunities to enjoy God, our world, and each other.  We will talk about “re-creation” instead of “entertainment” and help participants understand the difference.

While at our “home base” in Jasper, Alberta, we have many opportunities for outdoor re-creation; including hiking, biking, skating, hockey, snow-shoeing, skiing, snowboarding and more.  There is also easy access to a paid rec centre.

We will also plan off-site trips, movie nights, tournaments, and whatever other great ideas they can dream up.

Our travel times will also include opportunities to discover and enjoy all that God has created for us as we visit and enjoy destinations across Western Canada.

evening prayer

At the close of the day, we once again gather as a community to pray. We look back on the day, with thankful hearts as we recall all that God did in and through us.

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