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A CBWC Gap Year Experience

Kurios (koo’-re-os) is the Greek word for Lord, which means master and ruler.
This experience is all about “kurios-ity”: seeking Jesus together and pursuing Him as Lord of all.
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Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 experience! Plan Ahead, Apply Today!

KURIOS has adapted to the global realities of 2020 by reimagining our experience so that we can fulfill our mission of encouraging young adults to make Jesus LORD (“Kurios”) of all.  While some of the experience will be different than previously advertised, the pursuit of loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving others as ourselves, remains unchanged.  We are pleased to present the following program for the fall (Sept - Dec 2020)

meet the 2020 kurios reimagined participants

The reimagined experience OVERVIEW

Launch: Sept 14, 2020

KURIOS begins on Monday, Sept 14, at our Gull Lake Home Base.  Participants can arrive after 3pm Sunday the 13th, and we will require that they have a completed negative test for Covid soon after arrival (this will allow us to form a safe “bubble” and proceed for the next 6 weeks as members of the same household). 

Orientation: Sept 14-16

Monday to Wednesday will be our orientation period, including introduction to community life, beginning our spiritual rhythms, a curriculum overview, personal goal setting, and getting to know each other.  We will being our “Bible Reading” course as well as the first lecture in our “Understanding Scripture” course.

Retreat: Sept 17-23

On Wednesday (17th) we will travel to the Rocky Mountains for a week long retreat in Kananaskis country.  We will camp together, seek God together as He reveals Himself through His word and His creation, and build relationships with each other as we share our stories.  We’ll spend time hiking, biking, eating, exploring, and learning and worshipping.  Our rhythms of morning and evening prayer will structure our time, and we will create space to learn to listen to the voice of God as we experience solitude.  Experiencing the Sabbath during this retreat will provide opportunities for us to lead each other in the heart of worship – creating space to meet with God and respond to His self-revelation through His word – in creative ways.  Our Bible Reading course will continue during this retreat.  Each participant will have their own tent and we will all contribute to the tasks of life including cooking and cleaning.

Home Base: Sept 24-27

We will return to our Home Base following the retreat.  Thursday (the 24th) will be a free day for laundry, rest, and relaxation.  Friday and Saturday will be focussed on learning, including the second lecture in our Understanding Scripture course as well as a seminar focused on interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence (listening skills, understanding and expressing emotion, skills for building trust and relationship, etc.).  We hope to squeeze in a day trip to experience the work of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank ministry depending on the time for harvest. On Sunday (the 27th) we will join an Alberta church in worship and begin the BC Road Trip.

BC Road Trip wk 1: Sept 28-Oct 4

We will drive Sunday afternoon (the 27th), stopping in the BC interior for 1 or 2 nights where we will meet local ministry leaders (practicing social distancing), hear their stories and what it means for them to follow Jesus as Lord, and how they seek to influence others to also follow Jesus as Lord.  Seminar-based teaching times will occur in areas such as leadership, ministry, giftedness, and prayer. 

We will continue to the Vancouver area where we continue to learn together.  We will have our third Understanding the Bible lecture, as well as seminars from our Vancouver area instructors on topics including Bible, Relationships, Identity, Leadership, and giftedness (some of these may be multi-part and continue later being taught remotely).  If possible we will visit some ministry sites and lay some groundwork for a thanksgiving weekend service project.  Our regular rhythms of morning and evening prayer, of course, will continue.  The week will wrap up with us joining with a Vancouver area church for worship on Sunday.

BC Road Trip wk 2: (Oct 4-9)

This week (Mon-Fri) will be a coastal outdoor adventure retreat.  We plan to take full advantage of BC fall weather, scenery, and recreational opportunities.  We will be inviting a dynamic speaker to join us this week and lead us deeper in our pursuit of Jesus Christ as Lord of all, and helping us to identify and respond to the things that hinder our ability to completely love God and love others.  All this while we surround ourselves with the glory of God in our beautiful world.

BC Road Trip Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 10-12)

We will join with a local ministry to serve alongside, helping wherever possible (and safe) as we practice what it means to be members of the broader community of Jesus.  We expect this to be ministry among people experiencing poverty, and expect it to be an opportunity for us to learn more about ourselves and our giftedness, our world, and to reflect more deeply on how God has uniquely made each of us as gifts to others.

Home Base Weeks (Oct 13-24)

We will return to home base after the Thanksgiving retreat and spend two weeks together.  Our spiritual rhythms will continue, along with our Bible Reading and Understanding Scripture courses (lectures 4, 5 and 6).  In addition, we will bring in instructors (some in person, some digitally) to continue to teach and mentor us with specifics to be determined from our list of course descriptions.  Where possible (and safe), we will join Alberta ministries for learning and service.

In-Person Wrap Up Celebration (Oct 23rd)

Families and friends will be invited to join us for a socially distanced wrap up celebration on Friday, Oct 23rd, where our participants will have the opportunity to share testimonies as we celebrate the good things God has done. 

Kurios continues… (weekly online gatherings Oct 25-Dec 7)

After our 6 weeks together in person, we will return home and continue our KURIOS Experience online with two planned weekly gatherings, one focused on teaching and the second on community and relationship.  The teaching portion will focus on the remainder of our Understanding Scripture course, which will entail a once/week online gathering as well as individual work in preparation.  The second weekly gathering will create space for relationship and community as we continue with our personal spiritual rhythms and hold each other accountable to those with support and encouragement.  There will be a focus on prayer in these second gatherings, and an expectation that participants and our leaders will connect as desired outside of these dedicated times as well.  In addition, participants will be encouraged to continue their daily Bible reading discipline and regularly share thoughts, insights, and questions that arise.


At this time we are planning the KURIOS Gap Year Experience to focus on the fall semester only.  During our six weeks together in person we may, as a community, discuss options for some type of continued KURIOS experience in early 2021, but with all of the uncertainties in the world at this present time we don’t feel able to make firm plans or commitments now.  We commit to having any of those options firmly in place no later than Oct 31, 2020.

We continue conversations with our missions partner, CBM, and if an opportunity becomes available to travel to Costa Rica at some time in 2021 we will gladly discuss that opportunity with KURIOS participants.


KURIOS is a Christian community, and all participants agree that living in community together means that we agree to live according to the teachings of the Bible to the best of our ability.  This includes (but is not limited to) the commands to encourage one another, pray for one another, forgive one another, and place the needs of others ahead of our own.  It also includes (but is not limited to) our commitment to lives of health, sobriety, sexual purity, generosity, and words that build up rather than tear down.  We commit to doing the things God commands us to do, and to not do those things that God forbids.

Thanks to a generous gift from another ministry, we expect KURIOS will be able to provide all the necessary camping gear for our outdoor adventure components.  A list of “things to bring” will be provided.


Deposit - $250 
2020 Experience - $2,500 (due September 8)
Total Cost - $2,750

This cost includes the entire KURIOS fall experience, including the 6 week in person program, food, accommodations, travel, courses and course materials.  Participants will be responsible for travel to KURIOS for our launch September 13th and from KURIOS when we wrap up the in-person portion on Oct 23rd.  

Remaining safe

We are fully committed to protecting our participants’ health and the health of vulnerable people in our communities.   As part of KURIOS Reimagined we will adhere to all federal and local health requirements. 

Participants will need to have a completed negative test for Covid upon arrival (this will allow us to form a safe “bubble” and proceed for the next 6 weeks as members of the same household).  We will all commit to safe personal hygiene practices and protect ourselves from exposure, including wearing masks when in public places.  The KURIOS experience is designed to limit risk, but participants recognize that this is limited and commit to doing their part to remain safe and healthy.

For further details about KURIOS Reimagined, please contact our Director Steve Simala Grant.


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